Care of Tarpaulin, PVC and Canvas

Both Tarpaulins and canvas need to be taken care of, lion Tarps leading tarpaulin manufacturers, give a guide on how to look after them.


Don’t drag a tarpaulin off a load by main strength, and so tear it on the sharp corners of cases, etc.-ease it up.
Don’t use tarpaulins for dropping cases on, to save the cases,—have a sack filled with straw handy.
Don’t put a tarpaulin on the floor of a wagon and load heavy goods on top of it.
Don’t sheet a partly full wagon so that the sheet will form a pond for water. Load and sheet wagon so that the water will drain out at the bottom of the door.
Don’t roll up tarpaulins when they are wet, or they will soon go mouldy and rot if left for any length of time.


Clean the canvas by brushing regularly inside & out, with a soft bristle brush & hosing occasionally with cold clean water.
Avoid dirt, tree sap, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris from accumulating or remaining in contact with your external cover or canvas.
Do not apply soaps, detergents, cleaning fluids or insecticides

Ensure the canvas is thoroughly dry before packing away. Most fabrics are susceptible to mildew. Mildew results when canvas/pvc is folded when wet, or stored in a damp place.